Content, SEO and social media news: weekly round-up

Facebook’s shares continue to slump

Facebook’s shares dropped to a record low yesterday, highlighting the fact that the once dominant social media platform’s growth has slowed considerably. Industry insiders have suggested that Facebook’s decline is a sign of the ‘social media bubble’ beginning to burst, but only time will tell if other platforms such as Twitter experience similar slumps. On the other hand, search is still going strong – Ian Maude, head of Internet at Enders Analysis, declared, “People bought shares…based on the idea that Facebook was the new Google. It isn’t. Google display revenues alone will be larger than Facebook’s entire revenue.”

Google invests in Wildfire

Speaking of Google, Jason Miller, Product Management Director at Google, recently issued a blog post confirming that the search engine giant has acquired social media marketing start up Wildfire Interactive. Wildfire has helped big name brands such as Virgin, Cirque du Soleil and Gilt Group to manage their social media efforts, offering a place where pages, apps, tweets, ads etc. can all be monitored at once. Commenting on the deal, Miller emphasised the importance of quality content across all channels, saying, “The ultimate goal is better and fresher content, and more meaningful interactions. People today can make their voices heard in ways that were previously impossible, and Wildfire helps businesses to uphold their end of the conversation (or spark a new one)…We believe that better content and more seamless solutions will help unlock the full potential of the web for people and businesses.”

Copywriter is one of the biggest business search terms on Twitter

Just in case you missed our article earlier this week – ‘copywriter’ is now one of the top 5 most popular business searches on Twitter, according to research from Orange Business. The other four professions on the list ranged from web designer and architect to solicitor and accountant, highlighting the importance of utilising social media in all areas of business. We’ve got a fully functioning Twitter account to keep you up to date with our latest blogs, articles and general musings, as well as answer any questions you may have about copywriting. Why not follow us @writemysite?