Content, SEO and social media news: weekly round up – 21/09/2012

Social media mockery for Waitrose

Earlier this week, supermarket chain Waitrose posted a seemingly innocent question to users on their Twitter account, asking followers to complete the sentence “I shop at Waitrose because…” and use the hashtag #waitrosereasons, to highlight the reasons why people chose their brand. The situation quickly turned sour when posters began mocking the upmarket image of the store, with tweets ranging from the humorous (“I shop at Waitrose because Tesco doesn’t stock unicorn food”) to the harsh (“I shop at Waitrose because it makes me feel important and I detest being surrounded by poor people”). Waitrose later issue a response, saying “Thanks for all the genuine and funny #waitrosereasons tweets…we always like to hear what you think and enjoyed reading most of them,” suggesting that some of the more scathing tweets were less than well received.

UK online shoppers have highest average spend

A new Search Laboratory whitepaper has shown that people in the UK spend more on e-commerce than their global counterparts, with an impressive average of £1145 per person. Australia and the US came in second and third, with users spending £1011 and £715 respectively. China had a relatively low average of £22 per person, but the paper predicts that this is the country that will experience the biggest growth by 2013, with an estimated 140m residents expected to partake in e-commerce by the start of the new year. This reflects our report from last week’s round up, which suggested that Chinese ecommerce sales will increase 20% on an annual basis – so Britain may not have the largest average for long!

New eConsultancy infographic shows blog success

A new infographic from Boom Online Marketing has documented the rise of eConsultancy’s massively successful digital marketing blog, from its conception in 2006 to its current dominant status. The infographic also revealed a number of interesting stats, including the day that the most popular posts were published (Wednesday) and the subject that gets the most links (social media). To view the whole infographic for yourself, visit their blog.