Content, SEO and social media news: weekly round-up

Mom’s housework strike blog goes global

Canadian mother Jessica Stilwell has received global recognition for a blog she wrote after deciding to go on “mommy strike”, and boycott the household chores in order to teach her three daughters some responsibility. The blog, Crazy Working Mom: Diary of a mother on the brink of snapping! followed Stilwell’s journey as she and her husband began to clean up only after themselves, leaving their children’s dirty dishes and lunch bags behind. Although she “won” the strike after only six days, Stilwell’s blog was an instant hit with parents around the world, and she’s since had interviews with US show hosts such as Katie Couric, as well as UK coverage from the BBC.

Twitter map shows various languages being tweeted in London

James Cheshire, a lecturer at University College London’s Centre for Advanced Spacial Analaysis, and Ed Manley, a PhD student at the college, have put together a ‘Twitter map’, which uses tiny coloured dots to highlight the various languages that people are tweeting in across the capital. 92.5% of the tweets were, predictably, sent in English, but there were still more than 20,000 contributions from Spanish, French, Turkish and Arabic speakers across the summer. “London is such a diverse place and we has so many visitors arriving over the Olympics that we thought it would be interesting to see where the groups clustered – if they did – or where they separated out,” Cheshire explained in an interview with Sky News.

eConsultancy reveals effective e-commerce tips

Digital marketing blog eConsultancy recently surveyed 1,000 consumers about their attitudes and personal experiences of the e-commerce process, in a bid to identify the most effective ways of constructing an e-commerce website. The results found that 88% saw effective product search as key to a successful website, and 77% cited detailed specification information as their principle concern. The survey also showed that users crave more interactive content – particularly in terms of video – and more in-depth information when it comes to written content (in their own words “everything from pricing to shipping to returns, and make sure everything is easy to find at every stage of the shopping journey”). If you want more tips on boosting your e-commerce efforts, visit the original post.