Content, SEO and social media news: weekly round-up

82% of marketers rank content marketing as most important objective

Statistics from Curata’s recent Curation Adoption Survey suggest that 82% of marketers see content marketing as the most important objective for their organisation – but many of them do not know how to measure its success. 43% of Curata’s respondents ticked the ‘I don’t measure the success of my programme’ box, indicating that almost half of the marketers utilising a content based approach do not have an accurate gauge of their results. However, the 29% of respondents who did endeavour to measure the success of their content marketing campaigns saw up to a 25% increase in inbound leads.

Comscore makes positive predictions for Christmas e-commerce

Analytics experts Comscore have released their “State of the U.S. Online Retail Economy in Q3 2012” webinar, which suggests that that online purchasing in America will grow by up to 18% in the run up to this year’s holiday season. Their projections say that consumers are likely to spend up to $43billion through e-commerce this year, which would be a staggering increase from 2011’s $37.2 billion. Although the predictions are based on U.S. purchasing habits, e-commerce has been growing in popularity for months and the trends are likely to be reflected in countries all over the world. For more information on getting your e-commerce content in shape in time for Christmas, check out our blog piece on the subject.

1,000 Facebook likes…for a cat

Evelyn and Remi Urbano of Newton, Massachusetts, were desperate for a family pet, but their father Dan wasn’t so keen on the idea. They came up with a compromise – they could have a cat if they could get 1,000 likes on a Facebook photo stating their cause. Undeterred, and with the help of their mother, the adorable pair posted an image of themselves with a simple sign reading “Hey Facebook! My sister and I really want a cat. Our papa promises we can get one if we can get 1,000 likes. Please like this picture. Thank you!” Unfortunately for Dan, the image went viral – and not only did the kids reach their target, they amassed almost 120,000 likes, with clicks coming in from countries all over the globe. Dan commented: “I knew I was screwed when within the hour we had 400 likes,” but he kept his promise and the family are now proud owners of a rescue cat named Hairietta L. Pawturr, with the L. representing the likes it took to get her.