Content, SEO and social media news: weekly round up – 07/12/2012

16% of small businesses spend more than 3 hours creating a blog post

A new infographic from Vertical Response has highlighted the significant amount of time that small businesses spend on their blogging and social media efforts. More than half (55%) of small businesses have a blog, but 45% spend 1-3 hours creating a post – and a staggering 16% take more than 3 hours! Social media was shown to be a similarly time consuming effort; 5.5% of CEOs/owners spent more than twenty hours a week on their social media, and unsurprisingly, 1/3rd of those surveyed said they’d like to spend less time doing so. Finding and posting content was said to be the most time consuming activity, followed by learning and education, and analysis.

UK E-commerce Performance Index 2012 reveals industry increases

Episerver has released its annual UK E-commerce Performance Index 2012, which revealed a number of promising figures surrounding the UK e-commerce industry. 36% of shoppers have increased the amount of online shopping that they do, with communication being one of the most essential factors to the majority of consumers. Clearly displayed information, such as shipping costs and returns policies, was seen as most crucial, but other aspects like social campaigns and video content also played a big part in consumer opinions. “With the right website design and development, combined with an effective, easy to use e-commerce and content management system, retailers of all sizes can make their websites more engaging and interactive places,” Episerver’s report concluded.

Social media brings home man’s best friend

And finally, because it’s nearly Christmas and everyone loves a happy ending, we bring you the tale of Charley the 11 week old bulldog puppy, who was reunited with her owners 5 weeks after being dognapped from her home in Warwickshire – thanks to a widespread social media campaign. Charley’s owner, Kelly Tolin, explained, “We contacted an organisation called DogLost who made up posters and helped us start the campaign, then we set up the Facebook page. Before long, everyone I knew on Facebook was sharing the page and then the Twitter page took off too. It went viral so quickly, it was incredible…Charley is fit and well considering her ordeal and settling back at home nicely.” Obligatory cute puppy pictures can be found here.