Content, SEO and social media news: weekly round up

Award winning copy sells Australia’s worst house
“Avert your eyes before the horror burns holes in your retinas. Bring your vomit bucket. Prepare to burn your clothes and take a detox shower. This is not a B grade movie. This is an A grade dump.” An unusual choice of words for an estate agency trying to sell a house, perhaps, but an advert for a property dubbed the “worst house in Australia” secured the winning offer within 12 hours. Rob Caruso, an agent at Perth Property Solutions explained that, although the four bedroom house was structurally sound, it had been vandalised by “a really bad tenant … The place has got crap everywhere; a few windows smashed; a couple of doors broken.” The colourful ad is not the first the agency has used to sell undesirable properties. “I’ve had a couple of others where I’ve just put a picture of a bulldozer. The ads just elicit heaps of enquiries,” said Mr. Caruso. The agency has won an industry award for its marketing and copywriting.
Warning over social media misuse after Connecticut school shooting
Police investigating the recent shootings at a school in Newtown, Connecticut, have warned that people posting “misinformation” on social media sites will be prosecuted.  Police spokesman Lieutenant Paul Vance told reporters at a briefing on Sunday that some individuals had set up social media profiles under the names of the gunman and other people connected to the case. “It is important to note that we have discussed with federal authorities [that] these issues are crimes,” Vance said. “They will be investigated and prosecutions will take place.” Twitter has suspended a number of fake accounts that were set up in the aftermath of Friday’s shooting.
Twitter testing ‘download all tweets’ option
A new feature is being tested by Twitter that will allow people to download their entire archive of tweets. Twitter users @psilosophy and @nspeaks told The Next Web that they have been able to access the feature through their Settings menu. A spokesperson for the social networking site confirmed that “a very small percentage” of users are now able to request this download. Using the ‘download all tweets’ tool generates an email which contains a link to a .zip file. When this file is extracted, it creates an HTML archive that users can browse by calendar month.