Content, SEO and social media news: weekly round-up

2013: the year of content

A new infographic from Econsultancy has shown that 39% of companies and 38% of agencies see content marketing as their top priority in 2013. The infographic, which was based on the company’s Quarterly Digital Intelligence Briefing: Digital Trends for 2013 report also highlighted the importance of complementary content features like social media engagement and targeting and personalisation. According to Econsultancy, “Content (creating, optimising and marketing) is set to be at the heart of everything we do”.

Facebook launches a search engine

Social media behemoth Facebook has launched a search engine which allows users to make “natural” searches of any content shared by their friends. Despite speculation that the move might be an attempt to move in on Google’s territory, Mark Zuckerberg was quick to clarify: “we’re not indexing the web… we’re indexing our map of the graph [the collective pool of information shared between friends”, meaning that Facebook’s search will be much more personal. So far, the feature has only been launched as a beta test, so keep an eye out for when it pops up on your toolbar!

High street failures highlight importance of e-commerce adoption

High streets will be looking emptier than ever as two major national stores have gone into administration over the last few days. HMV and Blockbuster have both announced their financial difficulties after their failure to capitalize on the potential of e-commerce, losing much of their revenue to online retailers like Amazon. For our full report on both closures, see the HMV and Blockbuster blogs that we posted earlier this week.

Increase in demand for creative marketing skills

At the end of 2012, David Cameron announced plans to invest £50m of funding towards the construction of the Open Institute – an establishment often used by digital start-ups to kick start their business. It seems his investment was wise, as digital marketing is a profession that, according to statistics from Econsultancy’s Quarterly Employment Report, is increasingly in demand. Figures from the report showed that the need for social media marketing specialists rose 157% in the last year, and lead generation and marketing strategy rose by an impressive 136% each. The data highlights the increasing importance of these skills in today’s challenging job market.