Content, SEO and social media news: weekly round up – 08/03/2013

Facebook redesigns news feed

Facebook users are in for a surprise over the next few weeks as a completed overhauled news feed is rolled out over all accounts. The redesign, which was revealed on 7th March, will include a heavier focus on image based items and a choice of multiple feeds based on categories such as photos, music, events and sports. Mark Zuckerberg, chief executive of the site, said that the new look is intended to create “the best personalised newspaper” for users, with the site stating “this is a richer, simpler, more beautiful news feed…that is focused on the things you care about.” However, the increased prominence of visual content will also benefit advertisers, who will be able to use larger images and videos to encourage clicks, likes and shares.

Google+ gets a redesign too!

It’s not just Facebook that’s getting a new look over the coming weeks – Google’s social offering, Google+, has also had a makeover. New and existing users can expect larger cover photos, an overhauled about tab to make content easier to access, and a new tab for reviews, where users can share their thoughts and opinions about businesses that they frequent, arriving on their pages over the coming weeks. The site has redesigned user profile pages based on feedback from the users themselves, in an attempt to increase interest into the platform and encourage more users to join the Google+ community.

New infographic reveals SEO agencies’ opinions on content creation

A new infographic from Sekari Search and the Social Optimisation Agency has highlighted the opinions of various industry experts when it comes to search and content. According to the research, 92% of SEOs say content creation is effective for SEO, and 76% regularly invest in this strategy. Blogs are one of the most popular forms of content, and 57% of marketers say they have won new business through their blogs. However, the infographic also stresses the importance of social media when it comes to SEO: 90% of search marketers believe social signals will increase in importance as a ranking factor, and 72% engage in social marketing as part of their daily roles every single day.