Content, SEO and social media news: weekly round up

Matt Cutts acknowledges visual content for SEO

Speaking as part of a recent Webmaster Central video, Google’s head of webspam Matt Cutts revealed that the use of visual content can make a difference to a site’s SEO. Whilst he stressed that “Google does still want text”, visual content is becoming increasingly popular amongst consumers, and search engines are beginning to recognise this – “a better design can help people to enjoy and use your site more,” Cutts explained. In the video Cutts recommends a ‘middle ground’ which involves the use of text alongside images and Google Webfonts to make text more visually appealing, so that search engines can index these valuable visual additions.

E-commerce requires a personal touch

A new survey from video agent assisted sales company Whisbi has shown that 43% of consumers have abandoned their online baskets over the last year – and 44% of those consumers said that their decision was down to a lack of customer interaction. In fact, 39% of participants told Whisbi that a lack of support put them off shopping online altogether, demonstrating the importance companies need to place on customer service on their online platforms. The report also highlighted the importance of clarity and ease of use when it comes to e-commerce content – 15% of respondents said that they dislike “the conflicting and confusing information” that is often found on the websites of online stores.

The power of social media brings home a beloved pup

And finally, because it’s Friday and everyone loves a good dog story, we bring you the tale of Rusty, the little brown terrier who has been reunited with his owners through the power of Facebook. Rusty escaped from his owners care at the beginning of this week after being taken to a local park for a walk, but was found and returned home after a Facebook appeal was launched and a team of helpers was gathered to help search for him. Kate Jones, Rusty’s owner, said, “I’m overwhelmed by the support we’ve had to try to find Rusty. I’ll try and organise a thank you to everyone once he’s settled back in.”