Content, SEO and social media news: weekly round-up

New infographic shows B2B brands are serious about content marketing
Uberflip’s new infographic, The State of B2B Content Marketing, shows that 91% of B2B brands are deploying content marketing – and 68% of them will increase their content marketing budgets this year. The findings are clear: content marketing is of ever-increasing importance in the B2B sector. View the full infographic here.
Only 5% of marketing budgets invested in conversion rate optimisation
A new study by Adobe has revealed that marketers are only investing 5% of their budgets in conversion rate optimisation, despite the substantial additional revenue that can be earned when a company’s online presence is geared up to convert leads into sales. The Adobe 2013 Digital Marketing Optimization Survey showed that just over half of companies are spending less than 5% of their total marketing budgets on optimisation activities, including agency fees, professional services and technology.
Mobile search conversion takes just one hour
Mobile users act on their search queries within the hour, according to new research from Google and Nielsen. The Mobile Search Moments study asked participants to log all their mobile search queries over a two-week period at the end of 2012, which generated 6,000 recorded searches. The researchers then followed up to discover what, if any action, had been taken by participants in relation to the terms they had searched. The researchers discovered that three quarters of the searches led to a follow-on action, such as visiting a website (25%), going to a store (17%), making a phone call (7%) or making a purchase (17%). Furthermore, more than half of all the conversions happened within an hour of the search being performed.