Content, SEO and social media news: weekly round up – 17/06/2013

New infographic highlights most effective calls to action

A new infographic from Dan Zarrella has highlighted the most effective calls to action for blogging and social media content. Bloggers who simply use the words “comment”, “link” and “share” can get up to 4% more social interactions just by referencing the act. Facebook users can use “like” “comment” and “share” to get up to a 0.4% rise but, staggeringly, simply asking for retweets on Twitter can increase the amount of social interactions they receive by up to 120%.

74% of consumers believe that advertisements should tell a story

Research from Adobe has revealed that 62% of consumers find online ads “annoying” – but are much more likely to be receptive to genuinely useful or interesting content rather than advertisements which simply sell. 74% of consumers said that they preferred their ads to tell a story, indicating that content marketing triumphs over more direct marketing methods such as banner ads and pay-per-click.

30% of publications are now ‘digital first’

The recent Oriella Digital Journalism Study, which took into account the opinions of 550 journalists across 15 different countries, has revealed that 30% now consider their publications to be ‘digital first’ – meaning that they no longer ‘hold’ stories for publication in their print editions. More than half agreed that they source news stories from trusted sources on microblogs like Twitter, and more that 40% source from familiar blogs. These results not only show the prevalence of online content in all industries, but demonstrate the PR opportunities for brands that are using social media and blogging to promote their latest news.