Content SEO and social media news: weekly round-up

Google +1Google +1s better than Facebook likes for search
Two studies have found that the number of Google +1s a page receives has a notable impact on its search ranking. A correlation study by Moz found that, after Page Authority, a URL’s number of Google +1s is more highly correlated with search rankings than any other factor. A study by Searchmetrics, using a different methodology, also found Google +1s to be the highest-correlated factor for a url’s search ranking. Matt Cutts, Google’s Head of Webspam, was quick to refute both studies: “If you make compelling content, people will link to it, like it, share it on Facebook, +1 it, etc. But that doesn’t mean Google uses those signals in its ranking,” he said.
Facebook founder aims to get 5 billion people online
Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, has announced the launch of, a campaign to bring Internet connectivity to 5 billion people around the world. In a post entitled “Is connectivity a human right?” Zuckerberg wrote: “Facebook [connects] more than 1.15 billion people each month, but as we started thinking about connecting the next five billion, we realised something important: the vast majority of people in the world don’t have access to the internet.”
Europcar is most user-friendly rental car website
A new Qubit benchmark report has concluded that Europcar’s website delivered a better user experience than competing websites in the rental car sector. Using over 80 best practice criteria, the report found that Europcar’s site best satisfied the three main stages of the customer journey – find, choose and buy.