Content, SEO and social media news: weekly round-up

76% of consumers are unaware of new cookie law

The new EU cookie law has been big news in the world of digital marketing and ecommerce, but it is a regulation which will affect all internet users. It is therefore surprising only 24% of participant in a recent survey, conducted by TRUSTe, were aware of the development. Last month, eConsultancy ran a similar survey in collaboration with Toluna Quick and found that only 31% of online customers had no knowledge at all of cookies and their various functions. With investigations finding that UK websites drop an approximate 14 cookies per page, it seems imperative that awareness of cookies rises in line with the new legislation, so that the public are kept fully informed and aware of their privacy rights.

Twitter increasingly influential on SERPs

According to Chris Lake, social media sites such as Twitter are playing an increasingly significant part in determining a site’s ranking in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS). These social signals are generated by active profiles, and factors are said to include the number and frequency of tweets sent, the average amount of retweets (and the comments that accompany them), social reach, keywords within biographical information, and whether an account is run by a person, or automated. Google can tell the difference, particularly as automated accounts tend to have no conversational tweets and repetitive links to a few limited sources.

New report highlights importance of quality content

The recent UK Search Engine Benchmark Report has revealed that 62% of companies intend to increase their social media marketing spend over the next twelve months, with 57% also aiming to increase their SEO budget. This data demonstrates the ever increasing trend for marketing campaigns which focus on digital content. Many companies will be placing emphasis on unique content of the highest quality, as after recent Google Algorithm updates, this is one of the best strategies to improve SEO and SERPs rankings.