Content, SEO and social media news: weekly round-up

Google DriveGoogle Drive to destroy Dropbox?

Rumours of a powerful new ‘cloud’ storage system have been confirmed, as Google has officially announced the launch of its remote storage offering, Google Drive. The service will allow users to store their documents and images, and will combine search capabilities and advanced image search technology to allow access to a wide range of other files, such as Adobe PDFs. It will offer free storage of up to 5 Gigabytes (GB), as well as the option for users to pay an undisclosed fee for a premium service, which will include increased storage of up to 100 GB. The announcement service has influenced competitors into advancing their own systems – current market leader Dropbox recently upgraded its service so that users can share files through an emailed link, rather than sharing folders, to enable easier access. It’s likely users of Dropbox and other competing cloud storage providers can expect further announcements of service improvements as Google Drive prepares for its launch.

New Look beats Topshop and Asos for social media engagement

New Look’s social media strategy is more effective than that of its high street and online competitors, according to the latest research from digital marketing agency Stickyeyes, who analysed a range of strategies to assess the effectiveness of respective campaigns in order to measure social volume and social engagement. Despite ASOS’s impressive score of 97.26 for volume and engagement, New Look had managed to maintain a balance between volume and engagement and received a higher level of encouraging input, showing a high level of positive engagement with their customers.

Google Ideas supports anti-extremist website

Google Ideas has launched a new website supporting the opposition of radical extremism across the world. The site, named ‘Against Violent Extremism’, is focused on useful information which suggests ways to initiate dialogue with communities, methods to protect young people from being manipulated by radical groups, and to help those who have already become involved. The aim of the site is to endow smaller, local organisations with essential resources to combat the rise of extremism in their communities. It is a great example of the positive use of online content to aid in the resolution of an important global issue.