Copywriting agency or freelance copywriter: which is best for your business?

Copywriting agency or freelance copywriter: which is best for your business?

Copywriting agency or freelance copywriterIf you are looking for copywriting services for your business you may be wondering whether to use a copywriting agency or a freelance copywriter. Here, we discuss both options to help you determine which might be the best fit for your business.
Before we get started we should make quick friendly disclaimer: we are, of course, a copywriting agency! So to ensure fairness, our focus here is on differences between using an agency and a freelancer – not promoting one choice over another.

What are your copywriting requirements?

Before looking for either a freelance writer or agency, consider what your requirements for copywriting are, both now and in the future. Are you looking for a specific type of copy that’s likely to remain static? If so, a freelance writer with a proven specialism could be right for you. Or will you be looking for a range of copy that might require a selection of specialist skills and topics? In this case an agency who can supply a range of expertise may be the correct choice.
Either way, ensure that you find an agency or copywriter that can meet your current and future requirements and has experience in delivering the specific type of copy you require. Web copywriting, for example, involves a different skillset to writing copy for print, so choose someone who can prove their fluency in the relevant skills.

Do you have internal resources?

If you have internal resources for managing, proofreading and editing copy, a freelance copywriter could be the right choice for your business. When working with a freelancer, having an internal member staff responsible for copy is a good idea, to help plan content, ensure consistency and proofread and edit the content produced by the writer.
On the other hand, if you want to hand over the responsibility entirely, a copywriting agency will deal with project management, proofreading, editing and managing writers on your behalf. The reason that an agency may cost more than a freelancer is that you are paying for a complete, professionally-managed copywriting service, rather than just the delivery of copy.

Do you need scalability?

An individual freelancer may be able to deliver all the copy you need if your business is relatively small, but if you are planning to grow it may be worth considering using a copywriting agency. An agency with a number of writers will have the capacity to develop with your business, allowing you to scale up your copy requirements as your business grows.
As copywriting and content marketing become more critical to your business, you will need to ensure that there’s always someone available to work on your copy. When reviewing candidates, consider that a freelancer working solo may be subject to other commitments, holidays or illness, which could limit their availability, and this needs to be checked with them. If you choose to work with an agency, select one who can offer a pool of writers and therefore ensure an uninterrupted service.

How to make the right choice

As with all industries, there are both good and bad freelancers and agencies. To help find a writer or agency that will deliver consistently high-quality copy for your business, look at examples of previous work and testimonials from clients. It’s also beneficial to find out exactly how you will work together, from both freelancers and agencies you may consider. Ask about contact procedures (will you have a dedicated contact and how will you get in touch), turnaround times, terms of business and whether they can provide service-level agreements.
Your business needs should be the main consideration in your choice, and taking the time to consider the above points, and ask the right questions, will repay your efforts. Your chosen freelancer or copywriting agency will then be better able to meet your requirements, provide the sparkling copy you need, and build a lasting business relationship.