Copywriting services: what are the options?

Copywriting services: what are the options?

copywriting services optionsCopywriting is a varied field and as a result there is a wide variety of copywriting services available. If you are looking for copy for your website, here is a helpful run-down of the different avenues you could explore.

Digital agency

Many digital agencies will offer copywriting services bundled with web projects. This can be beneficial, especially if it means your website is being designed ‘content first’. However, if you are just looking for content for your existing website and not a new site, you may want to consider one of the more specialised content or copywriting agencies.

Copywriting agency

Unlike a digital agency, copywriting agencies are focused exclusively on content. As we’ve discussed before, working with a copywriting agency is beneficial if you have limited resources in-house, as they will project manage, edit and proofread your copy before it is delivered, as well as manage writers on your behalf. It is also useful to work with a copywriting agency if you are planning to grow your business, and your corresponding content marketing presence, as they can offer more scalable content production than a staff member or freelancer.

Freelance copywriter

Freelance copywriters can provide flexible copywriting services; the challenge is finding a good one. Bear in mind that in addition to a freelancer, you will need someone who is copywriting savvy within your business to edit and proofread copy, ensuring it fits with your business tone of voice and values.

Online copywriting services

In addition to sourcing a freelancer directly, there are also a number of service platforms that allow you to source writers online, either by the hour or on a per-project basis. These more ad hoc services can work for businesses requiring smaller amounts of content, but quality can vary wildly so approach with caution.
Ensure you write a very specific brief, so there is no miscommunication between you and the writer. Also make sure you see examples of similar work and make sure the writer you choose has specific experience of writing for the web, which has different requirements to writing for print.

Write in-house or write it yourself

Another option is writing your copy yourself or asking one of your staff to write it in-house. This works well if your business has skilled writers with sufficient available time in-house, as you and your staff will already be familiar with your business and how you communicate.
However, don’t underestimate the experience and time required to create good web copy: if writing for the web isn’t your key competency or if it would be an add-on to existing staff duties rather than a dedicated core responsibility, then outsourcing will get you better results, and save time and resources.

How should I get content for my website?

The right copywriting service for you will depend on your budget, exact requirements and the amount of copywriting knowledge and resource you have in your business.
If you or your staff are already familiar with writing for the web and have a clear and consistent tone of voice, you are well placed to either create web content in-house or to work with a freelancer or writer sourced online. Businesses with less in-house content management resources or copywriting expertise will benefit most from more comprehensive and dedicated copywriting agency services that include planning, proofreading and editing.
And don’t forget – before signing up for any services, be sure to run full checks on the provisions and processes involved, to be confident you get the best service for your business’ unique needs.