How to create a content marketing video script that gets results!

How to create a content marketing video script that gets results!

You may not be Tarantino, Sorkin or Welles, but you should be able to write an effective content marketing video script.content marketing video script

However, it’s easier said than done. Video is a relatively new medium and many marketers aren’t yet used to writing for the screen.

Don’t worry; we can help. Our resident film geek, Beth, has a few ideas about how to write a tip-top content marketing video script. Let’s take a look!

Why do we need to think about video?

There are several types of content out there. However, content marketers tend to focus on written content such as blogs, white papers and social media posts.

Despite this, video content is on the rise, and you need to join in! If you still need convincing, here are some stats that will make you think:

There you have it; there’s huge demand for video content. Audiences prefer it to written text and like to share it with their friends. They also remember your message – result!

When you consider that other marketers love it and that Facebook will be mostly video by 2020, can you afford to be left behind? Didn’t think so!

Why do you need a top-notch content marketing video script?

Those stats show that people are paying attention to video in large numbers, so you can’t afford to make mistakes.

Your messaging needs to be on point and you must avoid slipping up or saying something you shouldn’t.

The only way to do this is to have a great script! Without it your video will feel messy, it will lack direction and will end up falling flat.

The four key qualities of a killer content marketing video script include:

  1. Sentences that are concise and to the point
  2. A script that doesn’t feel rushed
  3. Content that speaks to the audience’s needs
  4. A story and an obvious takeaway

Keep these in mind, and you’ll write a powerful content marketing video script every time!

7 steps to create a content marketing video script

1. Write a brief

Whatever you do, don’t skip this step. A strong brief is vital to your content marketing video script’s success!

It gives your script and video a clear direction and ensures that you deliver your desired message. It also has the bonus of ensuring that everyone (directors, editors, actors and marketing bods) is on the same page.

This brief must include the goal for your video project and the key messages you want your audience to come away with.

Your brief should also identify your audience and consider the distribution channels you’ll be using. Many of these have different length allowances, demographics and regulations, so you’ll need a plan in place before you start.

You’ll also need to establish your call to action, as this will complete the entire video and push the viewer down the sales funnel.

2. Develop your ideas and create a story

So, now you know your key message. Next, you must think of a way to hook the viewer.

Storytelling is the best way to do this. You should have some practice of this from your written content, so now apply it to your video.

Bear in mind it should be a simple story with a beginning, middle, and end.

It must also be relevant for your audience and guide viewers to the call to action.

3. Think about the language you’re going to use

Your audience must understand what you’re saying in your video. Be sure to avoid complex industry jargon and do not waffle. Only vital information that progresses the story should make the final cut.

The language you use must reflect your brand voice, otherwise it won’t be recognisable as your brand and will jar with the rest of your content.

For example, if you normally write in a professional and formal tone, an animated, overly-colloquial video won’t appeal to your viewers.

4. Write your script

Your moment is here. Just remember, your content marketing video script doesn’t need to win an Oscar! It just needs to hook your audience and get your message across.

Write in a conversational style and keep sentences short and simple.

Remember that a script is not just about dialogue; it needs to include stage directions too. Make these as detailed as possible, especially if there are multiple characters, settings or actions throughout the story.

Imagine that it’s going to be picked up and shot the next day. The director must have everything he or she needs to create your vision.

You must also consider that the verbal script will accompany visual content. Editing, motion graphics, music and sound effects can really create an impact in your video.

In some areas, a visual representation might be more beneficial than dialogue, so don’t be afraid to limit the number of words you use in your script. However, for your content marketing video script to be effective, you should outline your plans for these effects within your script.

5. Cut it down

A script should be short and sweet, this gives your message impact and punch.

Your first draft should never be your final one; there are always things to edit and cut.

Start off by reading your script aloud. If it’s longer than three minutes (the length of most popular videos), you’ll need to find some areas to trim.

These tips for reducing your word count might help.

Then, watch out for repetition and be prepared to make sacrifices. Look back at your brief, decide which elements are essential and start removing those that don’t add anything to the story.

6. Read it with somebody else

Read your script to a colleague and ask for their feedback. During this process, you’ll notice areas of text that don’t flow, awkward phrasing or areas where specific inflection is required.

Make those changes and read it aloud again. Then, ask someone else to read it to you to make sure nothing has been missed.

7. Look back at the brief

So, you think you’ve got a final draft? Before you give it the green light, go back to your brief and ask yourself these questions:

  • Will this script achieve the objectives in the brief?
  • Is the script engaging and will it resonate with my target audience?
  • Does the script flow in a logical manner?
  • Is there a clear CTA for the audience to follow?

Keep tweaking your content marketing video script until the answer to all of these is yes! You can then send it off for production and soon you’ll have a great video to share on your page.

It’s that easy! Try writing your very own content marketing video script today!