From CX to print content: content marketing trends

From CX to print content: content marketing trends

B2B brands must make customer experience (CX) the centrepiece of content strategy

80% of B2B customers cite customer experience (CX) as the biggest influence on purchasing decisions. 
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89% of companies are now actively engaging in CX. It might be time to think again about your stake in this process; how you can create not just a seamless, but a distinctive, CX.

Here are three key things you can do to optimise your CX:

  1. Check out your competitors to see what kind of experience users now expect in your industry. Take notes, then reinterpret them into something that’s all your own.
  2. Your brand story is what makes you unique. Think about revamping old content and producing new posts that discuss your brand ethos from multiple perspectives.
  3. Make sure you’re producing content in the right format. It needs to be short, punchy and compelling to make for a mobile-friendly experience.

Marruci Sports optimised their CX and increased mobile conversions by 50%. Isn’t it time you did the same?

Have we been too quick to write-off print marketing?

Too often, marketers forget that new technology doesn’t simply replace old methods. It can augment them, bring them into the modern age and send results skyrocketing.

Print marketing is a case in point.

Just when it looked set to be buried by digital content marketing, a recent study from Canada Post used sophisticated eye-tracking and EEG brain wave measurement tools to reveal print’s lasting importance.

Comparing direct mail ads to email and display ads, the study found:

  • Print marketing is easy to both understand and remember, requiring 21% less cognitive effort to process than digital marketing resources.
  • Print marketing is effective, scoring 1.31 in the motivation-to-cognitive load ratio (with a score of 1.0 representing broad in-market success).
  • Print marketing makes brands memorable, with consumers able to recall brands who used print resources 75% of the time

A separate report from the Direct Marketing Association found that direct mail offers a strong ROI of 15 – 17%.

But, this summation misses one crucial element. The main driving factor behind the resurgence of print marketing is the analysis of huge digital data sets that enable marketers to personalise print resources in a way that was impossible during its golden age.

However, email and other digital media is still king. It’s cheaper, more effective and easier to construct. It is worth considering having a spot for print media in your strategy, but not at the expense of digital media.

Spotted in the news…

With murmurings of discontent across all parties, the vote on triggering Article 50 was far from a foregone conclusion.

To quash any fears, the PM offered up a white paper outlining the specifics of the government’s position. This included information about the customs union, immigration, devolution, borders and transitional deals.

479 MPs declared themselves in favour of remaining before the referendum, with 158 against. This time, 498 MPs carried the vote and just 114 voted against.

Despite the pledge arising during last week’s PMQs, the white paper was published after the vote took place. But, the promise of concrete, authoritative content that’s open to parliamentary scrutiny appears to have placated rebellious MPs. Such is the weight of a good white paper.