From Santander’s data-driven approach to Google’s Apple takeover – content marketing trends

From Santander’s data-driven approach to Google’s Apple takeover – content marketing trends

Santander uses data-driven approach to attract Millennials

data-driven approach69% of marketers anticipate stepping-up their use of a data-driven approach to marketing over the next three years. So, it’s no surprise that big brands like Santander are leading the charge and using it to attract the younger generation.

Last November, the bank launched its Prosper and Thrive website to target millennials.

This site was designed to provide financial guidance for this key demographic. From how much to spend on wedding gifts, to tips on buying your first property, millennials could find the answers here.

“One of our hypotheses with Prosper and Thrive was that millennials are more interested in content that aligns with the financial challenges they are facing in their everyday lives, which can be small or big,” said Paul Pennelli, VP and Director of Digital Advertising at Santander Bank.

Santander’s data-driven approach ties into the key tenants of content marketing. All of its content was:

  • Educational or actionable
  • Relevant to the reader

It also ties in perfectly to the’ research first, buy later’ philosophy most millennials live by.

It achieved this by using sophisticated tracking and measurement techniques, and highly-targeted distribution. This generated a large amount of data that fuelled the brand’s content strategy and helped build brand awareness.

And, it worked! In the past year, the site has published 125 articles which drove an impressive 1 million site visits, generated 200,000 social engagements and 1,000 email sign-ups. Wow!

So, while you may not expect your brand to reach the lofty heights of this global bank, content marketers can still do a lot to replicate its success.

Implement sophisticated tracking and analytics software to better understand user behaviour, then create content that speaks to their needs and target them directly. Simple!

75% of tech marketers aim to create 3x more content this year

This study has hopped across the pond, but we’re sure it will help a few Brits too.

According to a study from Dimensional Research and 10Fold Communications, a whopping 32% of US tech marketing executives deliver new content daily. In some cases, it’s even hourly.

What’s more, 75% of tech marketers plan on creating three times more content in the coming year. They will also spend approximately $250,000 over the next twelve months.

This demonstrates just how important content marketing is to the tech world. It helps customers, both B2B and B2C, navigate the complex sales pipeline and long buying cycle. Elements like video, flowcharts, infographics and story-telling blog pieces all prove particularly successful.

So, if you’re a tech writer, get ready for demand to soar in 2018! However, while the demand for tech content grows, the need for quality increases with it. If you don’t have this, your content simply won’t stand out in the crowd.

Concentrate on creating easy-to-understand, accurate and valuable tech pieces – and 2018 might just be your year!

Spotted in the news …

Breaking news: Google’s going to buy Apple for $9bn!!

Well, that’s what the Dow Jones financial newswire said on Tuesday … We didn’t believe them either! Some people did though – Apple’s shares briefly rose in value following the announcement.

The statement is claimed to have said the acquisition was “a surprise move to everyone who is alive” and that Google would move into “Apple’s fancy headquarters”. It even said that Google Chief Executive, Larry Page, had secret talks with Steve Jobs, before his death, to seal the deal.

Dow Jones was quick to remove the news piece and dismiss it as a ‘technical error’ but this blip has already damaged the company’s credibility. This goes to show you really need to do your research before posting something to the World Wide Web … or at the very least run technical tests first on a dummy system!