From embracing artificial intelligence to top-notch wedding speeches – content marketing trends

From embracing artificial intelligence to top-notch wedding speeches – content marketing trends

Content marketers begin to embrace artificial intelligence

At a time when marketers are investing heavily in content, some are looking to artificial intelligence (AI) to help keep up with demand. Artificial intelligence

New data from Brightedge and SurveyMonkey says that 57.1% of marketers won’t use AI or deep learning for content marketing, but there’s hope for the other 42.9%!

Take a look:

  • 31.4% are somewhat likely to use AI to flesh out their content marketing strategy.
  • 8.7% are very likely to do so.
  • 2.8% are ahead of the game and already using it!

This shows that a large proportion of content marketers are at least thinking about AI.

It’s a great time to get on board as eight out of ten senior marketers think audiences are ready for it. Deep learning can be used to hone messages and deliver them at exactly the right time. Other AI innovations can even write (some) pieces for you.

For example, Google has announced it’s funding a new initiative that will automate writing local news stories.

This new software is expected to write a whopping 30,000 stories a month.

This will be done by combining massive data sets from government agencies and local law enforcement, and using natural language generation to produce readable articles.

But don’t worry writers, you’re not about to be usurped! The time freed up by AI will allow you to sink your teeth into much meatier and less formulaic pieces. Use this opportunity to unleash your creativity.

The Copywriting Conference is coming back!

This week it was announced that the Copywriting Conference will be held in London this October.

It’s the UK’s largest event dedicated to commercial writers, and great news for all of us across the industry.

Why? Well, it means that copywriting is finally being recognised as its own field. It has a big enough profile to attract big brands, agencies, small business owners and marketers from across the globe.

The conference is full of talks by industry leaders, including Sarah Richards, the first Head of Content Design at the Government Digital Service (GDS), workshops, networking opportunities and a free buffet lunch. Who could say no to that?

Now that copywriting is a fully established part of the marketing industry, and its benefits have been well documented, we are almost certain there will be an upswing in demand. Watch this space!

Spotted in the news…

Capital FM has just released a top guide to writing a wedding speech. To write and deliver a memorable speech:

  • Start planning three months ahead
  • Leave one month to practice so you can hone your script
  • Don’t waffle on for more than eight-and-a-half minutes (960 written words)
  • Don’t spend more than 45 seconds on a single anecdote

So that’s it, everything you need to get the guests reaching for the tissues/laughing hysterically. Good luck!