Guest piece: A profile of the Mattched IT Blog

Matt Chatterley of Mattched IT is our guest author for the first of a series of features about how businesses are using blogs as part of their marketing activities.

Once in a while, I wonder if the premise under which we run the Mattched IT Blog is good or not – then I stop procrastinating and get back to the business at hand – typically writing up another blog post.

The reason I tell you this is because our blog is distinctly different from most corporate blogs – partly because we are a small business – and partly because we want it to be different. The goal of our blog (and indeed, this meshes with our whole approach to Social Media) is to engage an audience that is wider than our immediate client base and to promote an atmosphere in which they feel comfortable communicating with us.

Of course, behind the scenes, it’s part of our marketing strategy and ultimately we have the aim of winning more business through Social Media. Instead of constant streams of “Hey, look at our Product X!” and so forth, we try to focus most of our blog posts on issues which come up in the day to day running of our business, topics which we as directors are interested in and items which we feel would be of interest to our audience. The intended results from this are a greater depth of interaction and promoting ourselves amongst said audience as a good source of information.

We recently won a good piece of business with our combined social media strategy.  A prospect got in touch through our website and mentioned they’d been referred to us on Twitter. Not recognising the name of the referrer, we were slightly confused, until upon further investigation we realised what had happened.

One of the people whom we interact quite often via Social Media had recommended us to someone they deal with regularly – because they thought we might be able to assist with an ongoing problem. Although said referree had not yet had time to get in touch, they had been asked if they could help with an upcoming project by one of their own clients. Because they were not able to – and presumably because we were fresh in their mind – they referred the client to us.

I think this is a great example of how maintaining a profile in the world of Social Media is valuable to a business (particularly if service or consultancy based) – and in my opinion, why you should seek deeper engagement than simply telling people what you’re selling. We regularly post links to our blog on Twitter, which has helped establish us as an authority source, and that’s what triggered the chain of events that led to us winning our new client.


  1. Thanks for writing this piece for us, Matt. I wanted to add that it’s actually through our respective blogs and tweets that you and I got to know each other. We’re living proof that social media marketing works!

  2. Matt Chatterley

    Hi Emily – thats right – another case in point of how business relationships can be formed online and how they can be mutually benificial!

    One of the really nice things about trying to be an active “company” blogger is writing these guest posts, too, which give me a chance to stray into slightly different subject areas and to reach a different audience – so thank you very much for the opportunity! 🙂

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