A guide to promoting your content on Linkedin

A guide to promoting your content on Linkedin

social network crosswordFor some reason, Linkedin has a tendency to get ignored in favour of Twitter and Facebook when it comes to content promotion. Linkedin has a similar UK user base to Twitter, and sharing content on Linkedin can often generate excellent results, especially for business-related topics. So, if you’re not already sharing your content on Linkedin, it could be time to look again.

In case you’re unfamiliar with Linkedin, it’s a professional social network where users can build business connections. Founded in 2002, it has over 300 million members in over 200 countries.

Why promote content on Linkedin?

If you want to reach professionals with your content, Linkedin is the ideal place to share it. Over 15 million UK professionals use the site, and it is the only social networking network used by more men than women. Due to its professional nature, it also attracts a wealthier and more educated user base than other channels.

How to promote content on Linkedin

There’s a number of places on Linkedin where you can share content, and the best strategy is to use a mix of the following…

  • Personal profile

Sharing content on your profile will put it into the newsfeeds of your connections. The more connections you have, the more people are likely to see it. Like Facebook, if someone likes or comments on content, it will also be seen by their connections. As a result, the more engaging your content, the better reach you’ll get.

  • Company pages

Businesses can set up a dedicated page for their business and share content to followers of the business page. Another feature of Company pages is showcases, where you can group together content on the same subjects.

  • In groups

Join groups relevant to your expertise and share content when it will be relevant and beneficial to the group. Before sharing, spend some time getting to grips with the group and finding out how it operates. Look for opportunities to usefully share your content in response to questions to group members.

Other ways to share content on Linkedin

  • Publish directly with Linkedin publisher

LinkedIn has recently added publishing functionality, so in addition to sharing links, you can also create content directly on Linkedin. So far only 1.5 million of Linkedin’s 313 million users are publishing on the platform so there’s an opportunity to establish yourself as a Linkedin thought leader.

  • Promote your content to specific people

If you have specific targets in mind for your content, then Linkedin’s advertising function can be useful for putting your content directly in the sight of your key prospects. The paid promotion feature allows you to show content to people who work in specific sectors, areas or even for certain employers.

Best practices for sharing

As people tend to check Linkedin less than other networks, sharing content once a day is probably enough. Also remember you can edit the image, link and description when sharing, so utilise these fields for optimum impact.