How many kinds of copywriters are there?

How many kinds of copywriters are there?

copywriters different typesCopywriting is a wide ranging field, with copywriters working in a growing variety of specialisms – from those who specialise in a specific industry, to others in a particular media format or style. It can be confusing if you are looking to hire a copywriter, so in this blog we look at some of the most common kinds of copywriters.

Industry verticals

Some copywriters define themselves by the industry or industries they specialise in, whether that is food, sports or IT.
A copywriter with experience in a particular sector is often better placed to write well about it than someone who has to learn it from scratch. Using an industry-specialist copywriter can save significant time on research, and ensure you’re using the correct insider terms – which is important if your business aims to attract a high-level professional, rather than more general, readership. Specialists will also understand the nuances of the sector, which is vital in industries where there are legal and compliance implications, such as financial services and healthcare.
There are also copywriters that focus exclusively on either business to consumer (B2C) or business to business (B2B) copy.


Another way copywriters categorise themselves is by style. An example is creative copywriters: traditionally working in a team with an art director, creative copywriters generally write ad copy including slogans and straplines. Creative copywriting is very much an evolving field, as while advertising previously focused on writing copy for print ads and static billboards, now there is a plethora of online and digital out-of-home (DOOH) channels to consider.
Other types of copywriter who define themselves by style include direct response copywriters, who normally write sales letters designed to elicit a response from the reader, or technical copywriters, who specialise in writing complex, process-based, or compliance-specific documentation. Others still specialise in long-form thought leadership content, such as how-to business guides or white papers.

Media type and SEO specialists

Many copywriters specialise in a particular media type, whether that’s print mediums such as brochures or writing for the web. Amongst those who specialise in digital copywriting, many have a particular format area of expertise: for example blogs, PPC ads or email marketing copy.
Some digital copywriters also specifically label themselves as SEO copywriters – but this definition can vary, so if you’re looking for a SEO copywriter, always check exactly what they mean by this. For example, it may simply mean they are well-versed in including keywords in their copy, or, they could be an experienced SEO professional, able to conduct keyword research and write high quality pieces that naturally attract visitors from search engines, as well as crafting compelling page titles and meta descriptions.

The right copywriter for your business

There are many different kinds of copywriters and in reality the specialisms are often not this distinct – for example, a copywriter may specialise in digital copywriting for the financial services sector, or in general SEO work for B2B companies across many sectors.
Picking the right copywriter for your business – whether that’s a digital copywriter or a copywriter who specialises in a particular vertical, will depend on the aims of your content marketing strategy: what do you want your content to do for your business? When picking a copywriter, it’s also worth considering what type of copywriting service (freelancer, copywriting agency, online service, etc.) would be best placed to meet your copywriting requirements, especially if you intend to expand your content in future.