How to write a product description

Far too  many e-tailers have websites that feature lengthy product descriptions with very little zest or creativity. Writing product descriptions is an art that can help to boost online sales, but in a hundred words or less it can be difficult to convey all the great features that your product has to offer!
When you’re writing product descriptions, you need to ensure that your copy is:
Accurate – The description must accurately and honestly convey the characteristics and qualities of the item being described. Give all of the details you’d want to be provided with if you were going to purchase the piece yourself – from sizes to specifications, no fact is too small.
Imaginative – Imagination doesn’t just shine through with the choice of nouns, adjectives and verbs, but also in the use of exciting contemporary references. Does a given piece of clothing remind you of something Marilyn Monroe might wear? Then refer to the film ‘My Week with Marilyn’. Look at any pictures and see what comes to mind – using the connections that you conjure up can make the product seem more accessible and relatable.
Targeted – However, while it’s great to be imaginative,  bear in mind who the product is for. If you’re trying to promote comfortable walking shoes, there’s no point in referencing Lady Gaga, who is usually seen tottering around in high heels. Consider your audience and ensure that your way of writing will appeal to their preferences.
Amusing – Everyone like a good laugh! Whether it’s a pun on the name of the product or a funny reference in the text, there’s nothing wrong with adding a little personality to your copy – your job is to attract buyers through your description, so making a joke or two will make your company appear more personable and could encourage some potential customers to click through and buy.