Is white paper marketing suited to my brand?

Is white paper marketing suited to my brand?

White paper marketingIs white paper marketing suited to my brand?

Are you considering using white paper marketing within your content strategy? According to the Content Marketing Institute, over half (68%) of B2B businesses are already benefiting from white paper marketing, but could it work for your business? Here’s our checklist – if these statements are a big ‘yes!’ for your company, then writing white papers could be a successful strategy for your brand.

You want to demonstrate your expertise

White papers allow you to go into more depth on a subject than a blog post. By creating a detailed white paper, your business can show readers that you are knowledgeable and experienced, positioning your brand as a credible expert in your field.

Contrary to popular belief, white papers aren’t just for B2B brands: B2C businesses can also successfully demonstrate their expertise through this method of content creation, particularly those who sell products or services with longer purchase-decision cycles.

You want to generate high quality leads

When planning your content creation calendar, you need a mix of formats. While some types of content – such as blog posts – will boost your keyword ranking and help you attract more traffic from search engines, blog posts are not as effective at generating leads.

To entice people to go to the next step in their relationship with your brand, by sharing their email address, you need to create highly valuable content. Ensure your topic is relevant and useful enough to encourage visitors to sign up in order to receive it – adding such white papers into your content strategy can be extremely helpful in converting visitors into leads.

You want a way to start a conversation with prospects

If you already have a list of prospects, a white paper sent via email marketing can be a great way to engage them with your content – plus, by providing quality educational information, you make them more likely to appreciate the value of your products or services.

You want to convert leads to customers

Well-constructed white papers have been proven to help convert those who are sitting on the fence. A survey by Forbes found that 63% of decision makers use white papers to evaluate prospective products and services, while Eccolo Media’s recent study revealed 76% of respondents used a white paper to evaluate a technology purchase.

You want to attract media attention in your industry

White paper marketing isn’t just about selling – it can also help increase your exposure in the press. White papers that are well written with credible statistics are often quoted by journalists and industry publications, helping to increase brand awareness.

Final tip: Invest in your white papers to get results

Although white paper marketing can be incredibly successful at generating leads and converting prospects to customers, simply hammering out a white paper on the first topic you think of and hoping for the best isn’t enough.

First things first, choose your topic carefully so that it will appeal to your target audience and address their needs. Also ensure you devote sufficient time to researching and editing, as well as writing, so that the final white paper contains useful insight and reads well. This initial investment of time and effort will help the brand credibility and trust you generate and ensure you see results from your white paper.