Keeping your business blog going

business blogDespite strong statistical proof that blogging can greatly increase the online visibility of a business, it is still one of the first things to slip in busy periods, or in some cases, let drop all together. So, how do you stay focused on your business blog to ensure you are getting the most out of it?

Like anything else in business, you need to set goals for your blog and a path to meeting them. We’ve discussed previously that there are different types of blogs: informative, selling, pure content etc. Decide which type/s best suit your business goals and stick to those. This will enable you to target your writing and achieve a high level of competence in your chosen styles, which will in turn make your blog stand out.

One of the best ways to stay focused is to set achievable aims. This is true of business blogging as of anything else, so decide what targets you would like to hit and work towards those. If you’re writing purely for SEO, a good target would be a certain number of hits per day. Alternatively, if your aim is to build your reputation, then you may be focusing on information dissemination, in which case your target should focus on how many times your blog is passed on  – through other sites and social media.

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