Key metrics for web copy

Recently on this blog, we discussed the importance of keyword density when writing web copy. The percentage of times a keyword appears is a key metric used by Google when sorting page rankings. Two other metrics which also have an impact are Keyword Frequency and Keyword Prominence, which need to be optimised alongside Keyword Density to ensure your site achieves maximum traction.
Keyword Frequency is often confused with density, but actually refers only to the number of times a word is included in the web copy. So in the previous sentence, the word ‘is’ had a frequency of two, but a density of 10%. The Keyword Frequency metric is used in a similar way to density; that is, as a marker of quality web copy which hasn’t been stuffed with keywords to superficially push it up the rankings.
Keyword Prominence isn’t quite as mathematical as its sibling metrics. It merely refers to the position of your keywords on the page. The most powerful positions are within a page title and in any meta-tags, which appear in the head sections of HTML web pages. Placing keywords here automatically marks them as being of primary importance to a search engine.
Although all three metrics are judged independently, and do not have any direct effect on the others, it is the understanding of all three together which helps you write fully optimised web copy.