Let your web content tell a story

storytellingGreat websites are those which reflect the personalities of the people and business they represent. They don’t rely solely on facts and figures to get their point across, but dabble in emotion and anecdote. Such web content works because it creates a story for your business, reaching out to customers on a very human level and catching their interest.
Your web content needs to be compelling and memorable, and storyboarding your website can help you achieve this. We all remember the fairy tales we were told as children, but very few of us could re-sit a Science GCSE today – the facts have long since slipped away from our memories.
So how can storytelling work on your website? Anecdotes, either from yourself or as a testimonial, can provide a great structure for contextualising your content, creating an engaging story which will remain with your customer long after they log off.
Content that captures should reach clients on an emotional level, evoking a strong response through the images it creates in their minds and the concepts it expresses. Literary techniques such as analogy and metaphor are crucial here to help create a visceral content which doesn’t require pictures for the customer to see what you’re talking about.
An understanding of creative writing can be helpful here, but the real crunch test is when you read it back. How do you react? What images do the content conjure in your mind’s eye? Is this the kind of image you want to be projecting to your client? If the answer to the final question is Yes, then you’ve nailed your web content.

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