Make your e-newsletter stand out

Targeted email marketingIt can be argued that of your e-marketing armoury, newsletters have to work hardest. Potential clients will actively seek out your website or your blog, but the newsletter goes to them. It pops up in their personal inbox and has to compete with hundreds of other emails for attention.
So it pays to be attention-grabbing, both visually and in your writing. The easiest way to achieve this is to always put the reader first. Always ask yourself whether the content of your e-newsletter is relevant to your readership. It’s great to announce your firm’s new promotion, but your recipient wants to know that this is a move that will safeguard his investment, or develop the product s/he buys to a higher standard. Targeted email marketing is key.
Although you’re sending the newsletter as a way of marketing your business, don’t be afraid to let your personality come through. Humour can be a great attention-grabber when used appropriately and create a personal tone that speaks individually to customers, rather than leaving them to wade their way through business-speak and jargon. Short anecdotes illustrating your point have a similar effect. These tactics create individuality and tend to stick in the reader’s mind long after your e-newsletter has been buried under the weight of new emails in your customers’ inbox.
Finally, if you are illustrating the newsletter then pick a strong image which clearly sums up the content of the piece. A striking visual will be instantly absorbed by your client, encouraging them to delve deeper into your e-newsletter and read the accompanying text. If you’ve followed the points above, they’ll soon be hooked on your e-newsletter and from there it’s only a short click to your company’s website.