Making an exhibition of ourselves

Making an exhibition of ourselves

WMS team at B2B!

This time last week, we were full swing into the B2B Marketing Exhibition at the ExCeL in London! It was a great few days, with lots of potential clients, interesting talks, and our fellow exhibitors were great too (thanks for the sweets!) Read on to find out more!

Velcro. The best invention known to man!

So Tuesday was build up day, so Emily, Adrian and I maneuvered our way across London and through the labyrinthine ExCeL Centre to find our exhibition stand.

It was a great spot, and all of our equipment was there ready to be set up, apart from one problem – a huge electric box that would obliterate the face of ‘Claude’ (the charming man on our graphics – we were there a long time, we had to give them names!) We made sure that got taken down, and we were on our way – time to start using our magnetic tape to get the graphics up.  For a moment it all held together and we began concentrating on other things.

Then it all came tumbling down.

Don’t worry, neither Claude or Miriam (the lovely lady on our graphic!) were injured in this process, but we were all a bit shaken! We tried a couple of other methods, but nothing stuck, literally, so we decided to go home and get up super early to buy some rather pricey Velcro from the ExCeL shop.

Despite the DLR flooding, we were ready with just 5 minutes to spare. We had the graphics up, brochures in their displays, the sweets out and our snazzy new t-shirts on. Just in time … emphasis on the “just”.

Get set. Go!

Our first visitor turned up, and I’m afraid we may have scared him a bit – blurting out a combination of information, statistics and nervous energy. Despite this, he seemed really enthusiastic, and IMG_1156even kicked off our Scrabble tile competition (more on this later).

We calmed down a bit after this, perfecting our bubbly yet professional sales patter and began to really enjoy the day. We were rushed off our feet for most of the day, with a variety of clients from lots of different industries visiting our stand.

We chatted with a few financiers, discussed blogs and online content with some law firms, met up with some marketing managers and even delved into the world of online dating!  This exhibition was great for meeting a vast selection of potential clients and we hope they enjoyed meeting us as much as we enjoyed meeting them!

Around lunchtime on Wednesday, our CEO, Emily, went away to deliver a speech about using Google Analytics to generate B2B content ideas. It was obviously a great speech as we had loads of people come up to our stand and say they couldn’t even get in the theatre! (Bigger theatre next time please, show organisers!) If you missed it, don’t worry – all of the slides are available online.

After this we had a flood of people turn up at the stand, and the three of us could barely keep up! So the next day we got Ben out of the office and on the stand with us. The momentum from the day before pushed us through the day, though as it came to the end we did all get a bit sleepy and our feet hurt, a lot!

“Do you want to win a luxury Scrabble board?”

Tom Watts Win 2
At Write My Site, we’re rather preoccupied with words, so we always love a good game of Scrabble! If you are one of our followers on Twitter, you may have noticed that we were running a competition whilst we were at the expo.  All you had to do was guess how many Scrabble tiles were in the jar.

It got quite competitive; we had people measuring the jar, shaking it and even trying to bribe the answer out of us! With guesses ranging from 100 – 1288 it was a bit of a conundrum, but in reality there were just 422 tiles in the jar.

Two people, Parag Sharma and Tom Watts, guessed 420 tiles so tied for first place. Yesterday we broke the tie on Twitter with a rematch that saw Tom triumph. The Scrabble board is now winging it’s way across London to be a centerpiece on his coffee table.

Well done and thank you to all those who entered – you made the day very entertaining! We’re sad to see the Scrabble board go (I think the wholeWrite My Site team was hoping that no one would enter so we could keep it), but we’re glad it’s going to a good home.

Alls well that ends well

After two long days of flogging our wares, it was time to go home and sleep. Before we left there was a bit of a snafu with our courier, but that’s a whole other story!

We all really enjoyed the B2B Marketing Exhibition, and would like to thank everyone who helped organise it and helped us get our stand up to scratch! Design MC’s fantastic pop-art style artwork was a great talking point throughout the day, and the guys at Pelican Print did a great job getting everything ready at short notice.

Thank you if you came to visit us! We’ll be getting back to you very soon.