New survey reveals positive attitudes towards content marketing

A new study from BtoB has shown that the majority of marketers have an increasingly positive attitude towards content marketing. The research contains a wealth of statistics which suggest that content is still king when it comes to business.

The online survey of 440 B2B marketing professionals revealed that 34% are “very” or “fully” committed to content marketing, and 66% project that they will be “very” or “fully” invested by 2013. The main benefits of content marketing were said to be:

  • Improving engagement with important audiences
  • Enhancing the “trust factor” for companies
  • Achieving faster, more relevant touch points in the market
  • Improving search engine optimisation (SEO) scores

Content marketing was also shown to be an effective method of attracting new or potential clients – 51% of participants confirmed that content marketing had an important impact on their lead generation. 38% also said that it had an impact on brand awareness, and 34% thought that their content set them apart as a thought leader. Perhaps most significantly of all, 29% of respondents said that content marketing had a positive impact on their sales – the ultimate goal of any marketing campaign.

Clearly, content marketing is a worthwhile medium that businesses of all sizes should consider investing in. If you want to set up a business blog, put together an e-book or white paper, ramp up your email efforts, or simply want more advice on any aspect on content marketing, Write My Site have all of the information you need. Send us an email at [email protected] to kickstart your content campaign.