Playing tag

So, you’ve written your new blog article, now the question is – how do you get people to come and read it? One way to attract attention is to spend some time thinking about your blog categories and tags, but what are they and how can they be used?

Categories: Categories are the internet’s equivalent of a filing system. You can create your own category list, which should consist of very broad headings that cover a wide range of topics. A good example would be one category for each key business area and a miscellaneous.

These categories will form a key part of your website’s navigation strategy. Every blog should be filed under one category only, allowing those who visit your site to easily navigate to the content they want.

Tags: Tags work in tandem with your categories to provide more detail. They are more specific and can cover as many topics as necessary; however, there should not be multiple tags on the same topic. For example, an art blog should choose between ‘drawing’ and ‘sketching’ as a tag and use the same one across all relevant posts.

Tags are a search tool; they enable a customer to type in their keyword of interest and instantly see everything relevant your blog holds. If used effectively they can not only help you gain traffic, but ensure that visitors are seeing exactly what they want to see.

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