From product launches to 'SEO: The Movie' – content marketing trends

From product launches to 'SEO: The Movie' – content marketing trends

Choose evergreen content to support product launches

Product launches are among the riskiest periods for web-based businesses. Product launch
Get things right, and those shelves will empty fast. Get them wrong, and the company could be staring down the barrel of an expensive mistake.
So, knowing what type of content to use to promote product launches is a real asset.
That’s where HubSpot comes in. Their brand new study pitted evergreen content against short-term promotional blogs to find out which would come out on top.
HubSpot have used both techniques in the past. However, they tend to focus on blog posts with short-term appeal promoted via email or social media.
The company used this approach to support the launch of new sales products during 2016. The results? 59% of traffic from email, 9.9% from organic searches and just seven views in the last month.
With the benchmark set, HubSpot decided to support their next product launch with a piece of content that had long-term appeal.
At first, the results didn’t look promising for evergreen content. Within the first month, the product page received far fewer visits than expected.
But, they kept the faith and monitored page performance over the course of almost a year. Here’s what they saw:

By May 2017, the page had received 19,851 views (30% from organic searches) and generated 300 points of contact in the form of demo requests.
And, when HubSpot looked back through their analytics, they found that 76% of monthly blog views and 92% of monthly blog leads came from content with long-term appeal.

So, next time you launch a product, focus on evergreen content. Do this by repurposing successful posts, taking a macro-perspective to current trends and asking yourself whether content will still be relevant in a year’s time.

Consumers prefer content marketing to traditional ads

Since the birth of content marketing, the young usurper has waged war against the old king – traditional advertising. 
The two are fundamentally, deliberately different on almost every level:

  • Traditional ads: Primarily brash, reductionist, short-form notes sent out in scatter gun patterns to reach the widest number of people with a simple message that plays on their fears or emotions.
  • Content marketing: Usually considered, authoritative, long-form pieces aimed at providing specific customer groups with an engaging asset that adds value to their lives.*

*Not that we’re biased…
So, at Write My Site Towers, we were hardly surprised to see the results of a new study from MDG Advertising. The study included all sorts of insight on native advertising. But, one stat stood out above the rest.

70% of consumers would rather learn about products using content marketing resources as opposed to traditional ads.

As we’ve touched on already, the content marketing methodology can help customers learn more about the product. By sharing a little bit of knowledge, content marketing enables companies to position themselves as experts in their field.
This sense of authority, coupled with a better understanding of the product and how it can help solve a problem, is a heady mix for consumers. Content marketing also taps into the sharing culture, encouraging customers to send your promotional copy to like-minded individuals.
Moulding your promotional copy to suit consumers’ needs, rather than shoehorning it down their throats, is the best way to generate conversions. As MDG put it: “If you want to engage online consumers, give them more of what they go online for in the first place.”

Spotted in the news…

In a world where consumers just want a little more value from marketing, one concept stands alone…
Yes, it’s time to rip up those summer plans and get set for ‘SEO: The Movie‘ – a brand new blockbuster for content marketers.
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