Ramp up your retweets

It is already common knowledge that when you use Twitter well, you can increase brand awareness and engagement quickly and efficiently, building your business’s reputation and profits with very little investment. However, it’s not just your tweets that can drive your business forward.

Your retweets, in many ways, hold the real power when it comes to social media – one simple click can broadcast your original message to thousands of new people, many of whom could end up following you as a result – or indeed retweeting the retweet themselves! Retweets are a sign that your content is of value, so you want to be generating as many of them as possible.

To elevate your tweets into retweets, try the following dos and don’ts:


Put up a picture of a person, not a logo, as your avatar (i.e. your marketing manager, if that’s who is doing the tweeting). People like people, not faceless brands.

Look at other retweets to see what kind of content is being shared.

Link to other quality content, like articles in the business press, including the @name of the journalist. This will help you to forge relationships with the media whilst providing your audience with great content.

Fully engage with your audience. Converse, debate and react with your followers – thank them for sharing, and ask questions to keep the conversation going.


Write a stream of self-serving tweets. Nobody likes a show-off, and this kind of behaviour is so transparent on Twitter.

Say anything you’ll regret later – small dramas become massive storms on Twitter and may harm your reputation as a result.

Ignore people who send you complaints on Twitter. Resolving customer issues in the open shows your business in a positive light.