From research content and original data to Trump’s language choices: content marketing trends

From research content and original data to Trump’s language choices: content marketing trends

Research content and original data are deadliest content marketing devices

Research content and original data are the deadliest devices in the content marketing arsenal. This is Original dataaccording to a brand spanking new report from Clutch.

18% of content marketers highlighted research content and original data as the content that performs best for their company. Blowing some traditional and up-and-coming marketing techniques clean out of the water.

original data

Blogging still sits comfortably within the top five most effective tactics. However, with the interminable rise of long-form content (read on to find out more), it was a surprise to see just 5% of respondents citing white papers as a top performer.

This research cements the idea that originality will be at the heart of content marketing strategy from now on. Readers are done with the fluff and ready for something a bit more substantive; some form of research content that will provide them with practical insight based on brands’ unique perspectives.

Total marketing expenditure set to top $1tn dollars in 2017

Brands across the globe will spend well over $1tn on marketing in 2017, according to a recent study from GroupM.

Of this epic total, brands currently spend an average of 29% on content marketing. This is equivalent to an international total of $290bn.

But, this figure looks set to soar in 2017. 39% of businesses planning to increase their content marketing expenditure over the next 12 months.

The game’s only going to get harder for content marketers. With such a congested content environment, this shows how much expectation will now be on content marketers to publish pieces that stand out from the crowd.

Long-form content is still getting longer

At Write My Site, we love the long-form. We’ve written at length about what it can do for brands. 

But, this is a trend that just won’t go out of fashion.

Orbit Media’s latest blogging trends survey found that the average time it takes to write a blog is now up over three hours, representing a 26% year-on-year increase.

The number of bloggers who spend six hours or more on a post has doubled over the same period.

These figures show that bloggers are doing the right thing by concentrating on a limited number of potent long-form posts backed up by an intelligent content distribution strategy.

Spotted in the news…

A comparison of President Obama and President-elect Trump’s use of language has shone light on how their leadership styles may differ when the latter officially takes office on January 20.

Reddit user ‘MeloYelo’ tracked the number of times Obama used first person plural pronouns (‘we’, ‘ours’, ‘us’) vs. singular first person nouns (‘I’, ‘me’, ‘my’, ‘mine’) in his farewell address, and compared it to the language Trump used in his election victory speech.

Needless to say, it looks like we’ve closed the door on collective will and are moving into an age of individuality:

That’s far from Trump’s biggest linguistic crime though. If Write My Site reigned on high, talking about yourself in the third-person would be an offense punishable by impeachment… or, worse!