Retailers failing to utilise email marketing

e-Commerce contentNew research from American company ExactTarget has shown that email marketing is not being used to retailers’ advantage, predominantly due to a lack of in-store promotion. The report, entitled ‘Retail Touchpoints Exposed’, reveals that only 2% of 100 of the most successful US retailers use in-store signs to promote email or SMS engagement with their customers.
In fact, only 39% of the retailers are using in-store promotion to encourage any kind of digital engagement. The most popular call to action was a published website URL – but while it’s important for consumers to be able to access websites and e-commerce content, other opportunities for engagement, such as email and social media channels, are being neglected.
Stores who do manage to collect data such as email addresses are still not making the most of the opportunity to connect with their clients. Only 74% of the top retailers send welcome emails to new subscribers, despite the fact this is one of the best ways to instigate a positive relationship with consumers. In addition to this, only 17% send a post-purchase email to request a product review, even though online reviews have been shown to be even more productive than word of mouth when it comes to making a sale.
Email marketing can be an extremely valuable resource, so it is time for retailers who are not making the most of the opportunity to identify techniques which will allow them to take advantage of its full potential.