Content Audits

Content Audit Workshops

So, you’ve got content. Lots of content. But is it doing what it needs to?

Perhaps your organisation lacks a clear content strategy and has built up a large bank of content without an overall direction?

Maybe your content is underperforming and needs a reboot?

Or, perhaps you’ve got out-of-date material that doesn’t fit with your brand voice?

There are many reasons why a content review can benefit your organisation.

We can run a content review workshop for you to help you analyse your content assets, and work out how to streamline them. We’ll follow up with a written report of our recommendations to enable you to create a new content strategy with purpose and direction.

What can you expect from our content review service?

If you choose Write My Site to run your content review workshops, we’ll identify:
  • content that’s underperforming
  • content that needs to be rewritten or updated
  • gaps in your current content
  • inconsistencies or ambiguities in your content
  • material you need to consolidate
  • material you should remove
  • opportunities to improve your content’s compliance with SEO best practice
  • opportunities to improve your organisation’s messaging through your content.

Our Process

Content audit process graphic
As well as identifying areas for improvement, acting on the findings of a content review will ensure your content: accurately reflects your brand, provides value to your reader, and generates new business for your organisation.

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