Copyediting Services

Sometimes, coming up with the ideas or the writing itself might not be the issue.

You might know exactly what you want to say, but the words won’t flow. Or perhaps you’ve got a draft, but it’s lacking polish.

A professional copyedit can help give your content the fluency it needs.

A trained eye will improve a piece of content’s accuracy, clarity, conciseness, consistency, flow, presentation and tone.

Copyediting will also weed out all of those common spelling and grammatical slip-ups – keeping your organisation’s credibility firmly intact.

At Write My Site, we have a team of qualified, experienced editors who will knock your content into shape. In fact, nothing we create leaves our office without being checked by our in-house Managing Editor, Claire.

What can you expect from our copyediting services?

If you choose Write My Site as your copyediting partner, we’ll deliver copy that’s:



We'll fact-check information such as place names and statistics to make sure they’re correct and up to date. We'll also check that hyperlinks work and lead to the correct content!


If a piece is too wordy, we'll say so and suggest ways to make it more concise. If you have specifications concerning length, we'll work to these and bring your content in at the desired word count.


We'll check that spellings, capitalisation, hyphenation, units of measurement and so on appear in a consistent way throughout your content.

In your brand voice

We'll make sure your content is in line with your brand voice and is written in a language your customers will recognise and understand.

Optimised for Search

There’s no point in having sensational content if your customers can’t find it! Our editors are up to speed with SEO best practice. We incorporate this into all of our work, while making sure we focus on creating valuable content for the reader.


We'll suggest using visual aids to support your content where this would benefit the reader. This might include inserting an infographic or illustration, or converting text into a table for example.


We'll re-order content where we think this would benefit the reader. If we feel that information is missing, we'll point this out. We'll also present your content in a way that allows the reader to find information quickly and easily.
As well as these technical checks, we will bring your content to life – injecting a dash of linguistic flair that takes your piece from average to exceptional.