Proofreading Services

So, you have your final, approved text that you’re pretty happy with. Trouble is, it’s been tinkered with – a lot!

A typical content approval process has several stages and involves several people. Often, the last person to handle the copy is a designer, not a copywriter.

This process is not without risk.

Proofreading isn’t the time for drastic rewrites or a new approach. Rather, it’s the last-chance saloon for catching and correcting mistakes. This includes any issues with the content’s placement within its design.

At Write My Site, our qualified, experienced proofreaders will pick up any 11th-hour issues. Looking at your copy “in situ”, our proofreaders will analyse every word and report back on any spelling, grammar, punctuation or placement errors.

What can you expect from our proofreading services?

If you choose Write My Site as your proofreading partner, we’ll deliver copy that’s:



We'll check that: nothing is missing; correct grammar and spelling have been used; contents pages, page numbers and headings are correct and are accurately positioned; and any hyperlinks work and lead to the correct content.


We'll make sure that spellings, capitalisation, hyphenation, units of measurement and stylistic design devices (such as pull-outs and sub-headings) appear in a consistent way throughout your content.

In your brand voice

We'll check that your brand voice has been consistently applied in your content and that nothing jars or stands out for the wrong reasons (e.g. language that is too formal for your brand).


We'll check that your content is arranged logically. We'll get rid of anything that makes your content look off-balance, such as confusing or inelegant word, column and page breaks. We'll also flag up common typography issues like orphans and widows (straggling words or lines that are separated from the paragraph they belong to and disrupt the flow of text).
As well as eliminating errors that have slipped through the net, a proofread will ensure your content is polished, razor-sharp and customer-ready.