Social media is key in consumer shopping decisions

A new survey from business services firm IBM has revealed that more than half of adult internet users in France, Germany, Italy and the UK use social media to help them make shopping decisions. Out of the 4,000 people surveyed, 35% use sites such as Facebook to read reviews and rate products, whilst a quarter said that usingsocial media was an “important” part of their purchase process.

The result of this survey shows just how essential it is to ensure that the content you post on your social media pages is fresh, innovative and engaging, in order to encourage these consumers to make those all important purchases from you rather than your competitors. David Hogg, commerce solutions regional leader at IBM, explained: “By harnessing real-time customer analytics from social media, retailers can act upon what is being said, delivering a personalised marketing offer based on the customers’ shopping profile.”

The conclusion is clear: SMEs can enhance their visibility by expert use of social media.  Their products and services will be evaluated by many consumers using media such as Facebook, Twitter and the like. The more lively and interesting companies can make the content of their social media profiles,  the more they are likely to succeed in a competitive marketplace. Is your social media content up to scratch?