Strategist outlines possible plans for mobile search

mobile-phoneIn an article for the internet and media advertising site ADOTAS, an expert has outlined some potential mobile web marketing strategies for the coming year.

John McCarthy, Senior Director at American internet marketing firm WebMetro, offered the pointers on the basis of his company’s work for a particular client. There was a 200% rise in mobile traffic from 2009-10 and, the mobile traffic during the month of May was at 80% of the December 2009 total.

In the article, Mr McCarthy asserted that, while Google still had much to do in delivering location-specific SEO results, mobile search is ready now. Creating regionalised adverts can drive customers to a company’s physical shops, and SMS coupons can be also be used to drive customers.

Mr McCarthy said companies should consider creating an app, since these features particularly distinguish the mobile as access to the web from other computing devices. “Apps keep your customers and prospects involved with your brand. For those businesses that can make apps work to engage customers and help their customers while supporting the brand attributes, the results are huge,” he said.

Mr McCarthy also recommended isolating campaigns geared towards the iPad and other tablets because, although they are mobile devices, the interaction for the user more resembles a laptop or a traditional computing device than a phone.