The articles of article writing

When it comes to writing an article for web publication, structure is king. It allows you to outline your key ideas and creates an obvious path for the reader to follow you down as you expand upon your introduction. Follow our bulletpoint guide for succinct, effective article writing.
The basic structure when writing an article is simple:

  • Your introduction should outline the following paragraphs and any through-line of the article you’re writing. You want to grab your reader’s attention right away, so don’t be afraid to open with a potentially controversial statement or leading question.
  • The body of your article will then expand upon these points each in turn. There should be no more than one point per paragraph and each should meld seamlessly into the next, which will enable your reader to follow the train of thought more clearly.
  • Your summary will draw these points together and bring out any conclusions to be drawn from them. This is the time to answer any leading questions raised in your introduction – don’t leave your audience hanging or confused as to your intentions.
  • It has often been said that a good article shares many attributes with a strong public address – it should have a carefully considered tone, flow logically and fit within the allotted time frame. This comparison can be taken a step further – an acid test is to read aloud your article once written. This will help you identify any cracks in the structure – points where the text is stilted or unclear. If the article works in speech, then you know the writing is sound!

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