The benefits of guest blogging

business blog - guest bloggingSome days it’s hard enough just keeping your own business blog going, so why on earth would you consider writing for someone else’s? How about to raise your profile, create a stronger digital footprint for your website and strengthen your position as an industry expert?

Many people running business blogs do so for financial profit, and they are only interested in excellent content. Therefore being asked to be a guest author for another blog is a sure sign you are doing something right.

In writing a guest blog, you create an opportunity for your brand, both personal and business, to be showcased on an external website. Always ensure that a short biography and link to your main website are included as your byline. The back links provided by guest blogging, external and usually on a validated site, are some of the strongest you can get and will help your page ranking and authority to increase.

By increasing your digital footprint through back links, you also increase the potential traffic to your site exponentially. Simply put, the more places you are published, the more people will read your work and remember your name.

If you’re looking to host a guest author, you also stand to benefit. Those who cameo on other people’s blogs are looking for exactly the same benefits outlined above, and are prepared to give their high-quality work away free to get it. So they get visibility and you get top-notch free content. It’s a win-win situation.