The best content marketing predictions for 2013

The best content marketing predictions for 2013

Since the beginning of January, you’ve probably read hundreds of predictions about the future of content marketing this year, so we’ve put together a guide to some of the best and (we think) most likely to be accurate. Whether you’re prioritising social media, blogging, SEO or email, there’s plenty to focus on over the next twelve months…

Growth in adoption

“We’re currently experiencing a golden age of content marketing. It’s never been easier for companies to connect with, engage and inform their customers. The scope of our reach and accessibility it astonishing…it’s never been easier, and more and more companies are starting to get it. Content marketing is only going to be more prevalent in 2013”.

Marcus Sheridan
OpenView Labs

This point is a given – content marketing experienced something of an explosion in 2012, and it’s likely to continue well into the new year. Companies of all sizes are realising the potential of content marketing, so expect to see more varied, exciting content in larger quantities than ever.

Google+ and AuthorRank

“Marketers seem to get that Google really likes Google+ -so much so that it is essential for local marketers who want to rank their local B2C businesses well in map returns, and a core tactic for authors who wish to become trusted sources in their industry. We’re already seeing tighter integration with Gmail, YouTube and all the Google properties…G+ IS Google…not just a secondary network.”

Scott Frangos

We’ll be recommending the use of Google+ for our clients to establish authorship of their blogs in this upcoming year. The connection between content and its author(s) is becoming increasingly important to Google’s SERPs, and claiming authorship of your blog pieces is going to become a crucial part of helping the search engine establish that connection. For a more detailed analysis of the likely upcoming Google AuthorRank, read this great blog piece on the topic from SEOMoz.

Repurposing content

“More time will be allocated towards re-purposing content, allowing marketers to do more with less. With all the mediums through which content can be distributed to an audience, making sure content is readily available in a variety of forms will be vital for a sustainable content strategy. This will add towards the demand for personalised content, and benefit firms who can create an adaptive content strategy.”

Jeremy Abel
Digital Marketing and Content Strategiest, Mannix Marketing, Inc. 

This is something that companies should be doing more and more of as the content boom continues. Repurposing content is a quick, efficient and economical method of making your existing content seem fresh. This will become particularly important as businesses begin to use more and more channels to connect with their customers.

Blogging for lead generation

“Many brands have corporate blogs. But a shift is happening where brands are now recognising that their blogs can serve as a lead generation tool and a place for community development. Their blogs have dedicated managers, editorial calendars, strong calls to action and a team of (internal or external) writers.”

Amanda Nelson
Manager of Content, Salesforce

We’ve known this for years, so we’re thrilled to see that businesses are finally waking up to the benefits of a blog, which can be an excellent tool for lead generation and community development. It’s great to see corporate blogging prioritised in the content marketing mix.

Content and social media

“I think the phrase “content marketing” will become the accepted term for the majority of businesses (over phrases like “business blogging”) around the world, and will also be viewed as the “yin” to a social media’s “yang” from a strategic marketing standpoint.”

Marcus Sheridan
President, The Sales Lion 

Social media is an unavoidable part of content marketing strategy these days, and is bound to continue to grow in popularity throughout 2013. Marcus’s prediction highlights a key balance between social and content strategies – something which all businesses should aim to maintain this year.

Video content

“2012 was the biggest year in online video marketing to date, and that trend should continue well into the upcoming year. Early last year, Social Media Examiner reported that video was the No.1 area where marketers planned to increase their investments for 2012. As a result, online video usage rose 12%, and is now that sixth most popular content marketing tactic overall … new technology has made video production easier and more attainable for companies of all sizes.”

Brendan Cournoyer

2012 saw an incredible growth in all types of visual content – a fact highlighted by the popularity of social networks like Pinterest and Instagram – and video in particular was used in a variety of successful campaigns. We agree with Brendan when he says that it will continue to flourish – and with the statistics he’s got to back up his claims, it’s hard to argue…

What do you think of our content predictions – and do you have any of your own? Leave us a comment or tweet @writemysite to let us know!