Should you be thinking about festive content?

Should you be thinking about festive content?

Festive content … it’s a phrase that can strike fear into the hearts of content marketers!Festive content

Why? Well, they’ve got a lot to worry about at this time of year, including:

  • Going overboard with the holiday cheer and putting people off
  • Firing out content too early and irritating their followers
  • Not getting all their work done in time for Christmas Eve

However, at Write My Site, we don’t worry about any of that – we love Christmas! There’s a mountain of great food, films and festivities to enjoy, and the festive content really helps get us in the Christmas spirit!

So, want to know how we stay calm at Christmas? We have a strong plan in place to see us through the holiday season. We know the exact date we’re going to start churning out our festive content – and we’re using this piece to prep our readers for it!

It also really helps that our boss isn’t Mr Scrooge to our Bob Cratchit! There’s no chance we’ll be working on Christmas Day (and not just because we have a strict schedule to stick to).

Today is your lucky day – we’re going to let you in on our secret plan to prepare for the Christmas period. We’ll give you top tips on when to start planning your festive content, and the core things you should consider when doing so.

We’ll also chuck in a few festive content ideas for some inspiration. What are you waiting for? Dive in!

When should I start thinking about festive content?

Think about kicking off your festive content a little like buying Christmas presents. Do it too early and people will roll their eyes at you, leave it too late and your readers will feel hard-done-by.

I’ve already bought my first Christmas present of the year, so it’s definitely time for you to start planning your festive content! And believe us, it takes a lot of planning!

With everyone hopping in and out of the office on annual leave and praying for snow days, your content creation team isn’t going to be in the office that much. So, you need to get to work now to stay on top.

Account for a week off over Christmas in your content strategy and plan your approach. Are you going to create/schedule things in advance, or will someone draw the short straw and come into the office on their own over the holiday?

We say that the second week of November should be your planning deadline. This gives you plenty of time to tweak your content strategy, decide how to deliver it and start creating your festive content (hooray)!

What do I need to consider?

You need to approach planning festive content a bit differently to regular content. Not only will it be more colourful and full of phrases like ‘jolly holiday’, it will also have different goals. Here are a few things you should be thinking about:

1. Who am I targeting?

The festive season is a great time to reconnect with your existing audience. Don’t bother trying to forge new relationships through festive content, you’ll only get drowned-out in the flurry of Christmas communications by other companies.

Instead, take a look at your existing audience personas and consider what they’ll be concentrating on during the festive season. You can then create content that aligns with their activities and problems during this time of year. For example:

  • Parents of young children – X places to hide their Christmas presents
  • Business owners/managers – X sensational Secret-Santa gifts

Make sure the content you create is of good quality, relevant and useful for your reader. It should also tie back into your core offering, but this can be very subtle!

2. How can I show off my brand’s personality?

This is your chance to have a little fun with your content. Don’t worry, your audience will love it!

Your festive content needs to showcase your company’s Christmas character, not your own, so make sure everything is written and presented in your brand’s voice.

You could jazz up blog posts, present themed eBooks or even tweet pictures of staff in their Christmas jumpers. Anything that promotes a happy and personalised image can really help.

3. Are there any special offers or promotions I can do?

Everyone loves a bargain, especially at Christmas when things are tight. Talk to your sales team about seasonal special offers you could include in your festive content.

Don’t despair if you can’t offer a monetary discount. Give your audience the gift of content instead! Your dedicated followers are bound to appreciate insightful and educational content that’s relevant to them. (Especially if you spruce it up and embrace the Christmas theme!)

4. Which keywords should I be using?

The best thing you can do is to look back at which keywords performed well this time last year. See which ones you realistically think you can rank for, and adjust your strategy.

Remember, they can be festive-themed, but should be specific, to generate quality leads.

Some festive content ideas to get you started:

So, you’re almost ready to plan your festive content for this year. We’ve put some ideas together to help you create truly effective content:

End-of-year round-ups and predictions

This is a popular choice for festive content, because it works! Doing a round-up, or predictions piece, shows you put thought into creating your content, and reinforces a sense of relevance. These pieces can really help your brand seem fresh and current!

They’re also great when it comes to planning next year’s festive content; you can go back, compare your predictions with reality, and see how well you did. Result!

Festive-themed content

Embrace the Christmas spirit throughout your content – especially on social media and email marketing. We’re going to do an advent calendar on our Twitter feed, so keep an eye out!

However, don’t go overboard; you must tread the line between festive and failure. Keep the tone light and jolly, but ensure all your content is relevant to your audience. Trust us, your readers just don’t want to know every detail about your Christmas plans…

Festive content is a great hook for your audience and puts most of them in a merry mood and in the Christmas spirit. You’ve really got to try it this year, otherwise you might miss out! Start thinking about it now and get prepared for a wonderful content marketing Christmas ahead!