Top 10 Team GB tweets (so far…)

Top 10 Team GB tweets (so far…)

Pole VaultingThe London 2012 Olympic Games are in full swing, and here at Write My Site we’ve been keeping up with the Games everywhere from the Stadium itself, to our sofas, the daily papers, and of course, everyone’s favourite microblogging site, Twitter. There have been some absolute gems posted on the network from athletes of Team GB, and we’re sure they’ll continue to provide us with endless amusement as the Games continue.

So in celebration of their success, from joy and jubilation to a touch of comedy gold, here’s our selection of the top Team GB tweets thus far…

1. @BradWiggins: Just arrived at the Olympics, got all me kit, still think Stella was a bit Lucy in the Sky when she knocked this one up
Bradley Wiggins displays his unique brand of Northern humour for the masses. For the record, Bradley, we think you and the rest of Team GB look cracking.

2. @DaiGreene: Police officers in the village keep chatting with me as they are from Carmarthenshire (home county), not because I’m stealing! Honestly
Hurdler David Greene on ‘making friends’ with the Olympic security staff.

3. @ZoePabloSmith: Never try to eat an effervescent vitamin C tablet. It’s like eating baking soda. I’m foaming at the mouth like I have rabies.
Weightlifter Zoe Smith offers the nation some valuable advice for life!

4. @Imogen Bankier: heading back into the village for some fun and games! Looking forward to seeing my buddy @rajivouseph and destroying a village McFlurry!
Badminton player Imogen Bankier reveals the secrets of her amazing Olympic body – McDonald’s ice cream, apparently!

5. @BeckAdlington: All the days are blending into one here in the village, what day/date is it even??!
Swimmer Rebecca Adlington gets a bit confused as she loses track of everything except the finish line! Hey, if that’s what it takes to win two bronze medals…

6. @MarkCavendish: I don’t normally stand up off the sofa for much other than cycling, but I did just that while watching @J_Ennis bring home heptathlon Gold!
Cyclist Mark Cavendish shows that the cheering can transcend the barriers of respective sports as he cheers Jess Ennis to heptathlon victory.

7. @CraigBenson94: MO FARAH !!!!
Craig Benson sums up the sentiments of the whole country in two words as Mo Farah crosses the finish line to bring home the 10,000m gold.

8. @AnthonyOgogo: I’m taking some bling home to Mummy!! The support has been truly phenomenal. The roar of that crowd is awe inspiring. Thank you. Thank you!!
Boxer Anthony Ogogo wins a medal, and still remembers to thank his mum and his fans – what a role model!

9. @LauraTrott31: Double olympic champion arghhhhh!!!!!!!!
We think cycling sensation Laura Trott might be a little bit excited about her gold medals…

10. @HollyBleasdale: 6th in the Olympics and @bradshaaaw proposes to me 🙂 epic day!!!
Finally, pole vaulter Holly Bleasdale’s sweet tweet was one of our ultimate favourites (who isn’t a sucker for some good old fashioned romance?!) Congratulations to the happy couple!

We can’t wait to watch the rest of the games, and wish all of the athletes the best of luck.

What’s been your favourite Olympic tweet? Leave us a comment or tweet @writemysite to let us know!