Top 5 content marketing predictions for 2016

content marketing predictions 2016According to Google Trends, searches for content marketing are at a peak. Searches have been steadily growing since 2011 and this month they are at their highest ever volume.

With such a high level of interest in content marketing, what will the next year bring? Here are our predictions for 2016 trends…


1. Content overload is a real possibility

The growing interest in creating content to market your business can ultimately only lead to one thing – content overload, known as ‘content shock’. Every year the number of organisations using content marketing continues to increase. In 2016, the Content Marketing Institute report that 88% of companies will be investing in content marketing, up from 86% last year. The same report also found that 76% of those businesses plan to produce even more content this year than in 2015.

All the extra competition will probably mean that both quality and quantity will both take on additional importance. To get results, businesses will need to create the highest quality content on a consistent basis. Occasionally creating content that’s just “good”, not excellent, will likely mean you get lost in the noise, so make sure your content marketing strategy gains the real time and attention it requires.

2. Multimedia content will continue to grow

2015 was the year that content marketing truly went multimedia, and there’s no signs of that stopping. It’s no surprise that as a copywriting agency we think that written content will always be important (and should be just as innovative and impactful when done well), but there’s also no denying that visual and audio content are on the up.

Video, GIFS and podcasts were the three big growth areas in 2015 and Cisco predict that video will account for as much as 69% of consumer internet traffic by 2017.

3. Distributed content delivery is here

While previously content resided on your website, now it’s being delivered through a variety of avenues, from Facebook Instant Articles to Medium and LinkedIn Pulse.

With Facebook signing up another 13 publishers to Instant Articles in December, and other channels such as Snapchat launching their own content platforms, this is a trend that looks likely to continue. Make sure you have your content distribution channels well explored and fully covered.

4. Automated copywriting won’t take off

It’s been touted as a big 2016 trend, but we’re not so sure. Robotic algorithms just can’t deliver the quality of content people are looking for these days.

Although it’s unlikely many brands will be investing in automated copywriting, content outsourcing probably will increase, as more businesses will consider working with a freelance copywriter or copywriting agency to keep up with demand.

5. Search will change the type of content created

Finally, with Google answering more queries than ever within the search results page, content will increasingly need to answer more than a basic question to get clicks.

Google search question

This may lead to more in-depth content being created to answer more complex questions, as publishers and brands struggle to compete with the all-knowing Google. We’ll keep you ahead with ongoing SEO tips for quality content creation.

Quality content is still king

Whatever 2016 brings, one thing we’re certain of is that truly excellent content marketing will continue to be in ever-expanding demand, just as we’ve seen year on year since Write My Site started a decade ago! The demands of SEO and content formats are always evolving, but the need for real quality has only been reinforced by each change, and so we look forward to more varied and interesting copywriting.