Top 5 Paralympic blogs

Top 5 Paralympic blogs

London 2012 isn’t over yet – there are still two weeks of Paralympic excitement yet to come, and here at Write My Site we can’t wait for the next round of the Games. You may remember that we put together a list of Olympic blogs to mark the occasion, and so we’ve done the very same for the Paralympics, to show our support to the Team GB athletes and of course, help you keep up to date with all of the Paralympic news!

1. That Paralympic Blog

Channel 4 are proud sponsors of the Paralympic Games – so much so that they’ve given the event its own blog. That Paralympic Blog, written by James Ballardie, offers discussions around Paralympic topics covering everything from the Opening Ceremony Dance to whether every gold medal athlete should get their own stamp.

2.’s blog archive’s blog archive has a host of blog entries from Paralympic athletes competing in a variety of different events – from cyclist Sarah Storey to wheelchair rugby player Andy Barrow. If you want to read stories and opinions that have come directly from some of the world’s best Paralympians, then this is the blog for you.

3. My Journey to London 2012

My Journey to London 2012 is the touching, funny, and personable blog of Sarah Grady, a member of the team GB wheelchair basketball squad. She updates regularly, with details of everything from days out with her son to her rigorous training schedule.

4. John-Allan Butterworth’s blog

Cyclist John-Allan Butterworth, one of the stars of Channel 4’s ‘Meet the Superhumans’ advert, has a blog on his official website. He hasn’t updated since July – probably due to an intense Paralympic training schedule – but he has posted about the torch relay and other related events, and so will hopefully be posting more frequently as the action of the Games unfolds.

5. Helene Raynsford’s blog

Helene Raynsford’s blog is a blast from the past – it ends in 2010, with her return to the World Rowing Champions. However, it’s a great read for anyone wanting to read her amazing journey and follow the highs and lows of a Paralympian career, with a guaranteed happy ending!

We wish all of the Paralympic athletes competing this year the very best of luck! Who will you be cheering on during the London 2012 Paralympic Games?