Top 6 Olympic Blogs

Top 6 Olympic Blogs

The Games are fast approaching and whether you’re watching from the stadium, the live screens, or just the comfort of your home or local pub, everyone wants a slice of the action. The internet is a great resource for Olympic information, and here at Write My Site we can’t resist a good blog, so here are our top 6 Olympic blogs to get you into the spirit.

1) Team GB’s live blog is a must-read for all Olympic fans. The posts are frequent, with pictures and updates from various contributors, as well as the tweets and statements of various athletes – perfect for keeping up to date with the latest Team GB victories.

2) Olympic Bloggers is the blog of six young water polo players, who get to play a pivotal part in this year’s Olympics as ball retrievers, thanks to the Young Games Makers programme. Their updates are simple but infectious, with enthusiasm both for London tourist spots and the Games themselves shining through. Their regular posts also include lots of photos to help you share in their excitement.

3) If you want to read the thoughts and experiences of some of the athletes, swimmer Rebecca Adlington has a sweet, sporadically updated offering known as ‘Rebecca’s Diary’ on her website. She writes about everything from sports and training to favourite recipes and family events, but only time will tell if she has the chance to update during the Games!

4) Rower Zac Purchase also has a blog detailing the trials and triumphs of his career. He talks sports and even shares some of his diet tips, although 5 burgers followed by 8 slices of baklava should probably only be consumed by a professional!

5) Tennis star Andy Murray blogs under the title ‘Final Thought’, offering fans an insight into his personal musings. The column hasn’t been updated since his defeat in the Wimbledon final, but hopefully there will be some positive posts on the way after the Games.

6) Multi-eventer Jessica Ennis, another of the biggest stars of Team GB, doesn’t have a blog per se – we imagine she’s pretty busy with her rigorous training schedule! However, you can still get a valuable Olympic insight from her coach, Toni Minichiello, who writes about the perks and pressures of coaching and competing in a column entitled ‘Coach’s Corner’. Jessica herself is on Twitter (@J_Ennis).

Some other athletes with Twitter accounts but no blogs include cyclist Bradley Wiggins (@BradWiggins), badminton player Imogen Bankier (@ImogenBankier) and boxer Anthony Joshua (@AnthonyFJoshua) – why not do some searching and see if you can find your favourite?

We wish all of the athletes at London 2012 the best of luck!

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