Using Google’s Related Questions to improve your SEO content

Using Google’s Related Questions to improve your SEO content

Google Related Questions to improve your SEO contentIt’s crucial to improve your SEO content if you want to grow your business online and drive click-through traffic. Luckily, Google offers a variety of tools to help businesses, and in 2015, Google introduced their Related Questions feature, designed to help your site get noticed in search results. But what exactly is Related Questions, how does it work and how can you harness its power to assist you when it comes to SEO copywriting and content creation for your business? Let’s take a look.

What is Related Questions all about?

You may have noticed Related Questions and answers appearing in your Google search results lately. When you type a search query into Google, it will display a list of questions that people may also ask – this only happens for a percentage of queries.

So, for example, a search for ‘UK content writing’ may bring up related questions such as ‘How do I find a UK content writer?’ or ‘Do I need to hire a content writer?’ Clicking on the questions expands each one into a ‘Featured Snippet’ of information, which is machine-generated. You’ll normally see between one and four questions and answers for each search query. Typical answers will contain a website link, a link to the question’s Google search and a Featured Snippet.

Not all search queries are included

It’s worth bearing in mind that Related Questions don’t appear on all search queries. Research carried out by in 2015 showed that Related Questions have increased by 501% between July and December 2015, with December figures showing they appear for around 8.1% of the queries tracked.

How does Related Questions help improve your SEO content?

If your website is selling a popular product or service, or is in a market sector where Related Questions appear, you can harness the power of this feature to drive traffic to your site. The quickest way to find out whether or not Related Questions appear for search queries related to your products and/or services is to type your keywords and phrases into Google. You can use these Related Questions and snippets to improve your SEO content by including keywords and phrases from them in your website content, blog, etc.

Still some way to go…

The answers to the Related Questions and the Featured Snippets are machine-generated by Google, and there’s still some way to go before Google expands their capabilities and the feature evolves. Currently some of the questions which appear are unlikely to be formulated by anyone human, so it pays to apply some common sense before adding keywords to your content.

Conclusion – Harness the power of Related Questions now

To boost conversions and drive more traffic to your site – and make any PPC campaigns work harder – this is a feature which businesses should maximise. Including keywords and phrases from Related Questions in your content writing will improve your SEO content and improve your Google ranking. It’s the way forward, as it’s expected that Google will be growing this feature over the coming months, so now is the time to get ahead of the trend.